My name is Gabriel Lucatero. I’m an author of horror, transgressive, and speculative fiction.

Like the plague, I tend to go away and come back when your defenses are down. On my website, I archive articles upon articles with words I intend to leave for posterity. Why? Perhaps due to the fact that it keeps me out of trouble? And because one day I want to make a living out of this?

Oh. What is ‘this,’ you asked? It’s fiction, aka lies, the kind you don’t tell your mom about because that’d open a can of worms you will not be able to control. In retrospect, you should never lie to your mom. 

I was born in Michoacan, Mexico, and immigrated to the United States when I was 19 years old, looking for my very own American Dream: to become an author by writing in my second language –read my memoirs from the beginning.

Like so many other unfortunate ruffians, I tired of living in poverty in my native country and came running to the other side. Knowing that I was never going back, I decided to start doing something productive with my time. Therefore, instead of impregnating women, living a life of debauchery, and skipping child-support payments, I decided to keep in touch with my childlike self and stay connected to my creative side.

You see, from a young age, I’ve had a passion for words and started to write poems because I didn’t know how to talk to women. Just between you and I, my first dream was to be like James Bond. However, after realizing that vodka was too strong for me and I would lose my hair one day, I flushed my dreams of romance down the toilet. So, what’s a guy like me going to do?

I took a look and my other passion: soccer. And that went down the toilet, too.

What were we talking about? Oh, that’s right. We were talking about my creative side.

The other thing I’ve always been passionate about is stories. This is due to my unhealthy obsession with anything Stephen King and The Twilight Zone. Hence, once I moved to The Land of Opportunity, aka the USA, I delved into the world of fiction and began writing my tales, most of them falling into the horror and suspense genre.

My stories haven’t sold as much as I want, I have to admit, but I continue honing my craft while also writing and talking too much about me on my blog, podcast, and YouTube channel. Well, I don’t just talk about myself. I’m writing about things like-minded individuals find interesting.

While pursuing my American Dream, I’ve also held a plethora of jobs: janitor at a retail store, cashier and manager at a fast-food joint, and was even an Uber driver for some time until someone vomited in my car, and I said, “F*** this sh*t!”

I haven’t tried prostitution because nobody will pay to see me naked.

And because I am out of shape. 

Well, mostly because I’m out of shape.

As you probably guessed by now, I still have regular jobs. I work as a manager at a local restaurant and contribute to Negocio SB as an editor, a local business magazine that focuses on the Hispanic community; the former I do it for necessity and the latter for publicity. Sue me. 

But that’s not it, you see, I also have a mild social life. I am a member of Toastmasters and Rotary. These two clubs allow me to get out of my cave and socialize with real people from time to time without refilling their coffees or bringing the check to their tables.

To conclude, if you are like me, the kind of person who likes to read the type of stories you wouldn’t tell your mom about, you are in the right place. 

Welcome to my world. 

P.S. Send me an email. It’s always great to hear from readers.