Ramblings of a Crazy Mind

It hurts to look at the time on my watch. Every time I move my wrist I feel the sharp and penetrating pain. Same with the black fedora hat I am wearing. I want to take it off but I can’t. A gold pen rests between my fingers. As a retrieve a yellow pad out of my computer bag, a plate with two chorizo and one steak tacos landed on the booth where I sat. The rich smell of onions and cilantro and meat reminded me I had also come here to eat. The waiter places a can of Pepsi next to the food and thanks me. He then makes his way back to the front register. I take bites of my food here and there without any enthusiasm. True is, I am not even hungry, even though I haven’t eaten in days. Many of the patrons throw glances at me, wondering what asylum I have crawled out of. Can’t say I blame them. I know I am crazy, for the things I've experienced would never trouble a rational and healthy mind. This story is about those things. Those strange things that make people lose their minds.

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My First Transgressions

It was 5:30 pm when I was finally alone. I smoked a couple of cigarettes. I then looked through the window. The wall was still there. It was a reality. My life in Mexico was coming to an end, and the proximity of the American Dream was palpable. I felt as if I were dying, while memories of my life up that moment began to play themselves in my mind, like an old home movie I’d forgotten about. Watching the film of my life, I realized I’d always had a dormant desire to come to America. I closed my eyes and began to dream a little bit more.  

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Ghosts And Crazy People : Stories

Ghosts And Crazy People is Gabriel Lucatero's first collection of short stories, many of which have been published individually. However, for a reasonable price, you can now read them all in one single book. Dive into these pages and prepare to be frightened.

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Unexpected: A Novelette

This story is unexpected in every sense of the word. I haven't written anything like this before. I still don't know why I did it. But it's good. I like it. In a nutshell, Unexpected is all about one thing: Sex. Soon, I'll be back with more stories like this one. And remember: life is always unexpected.

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Possessed: A Very Short Story

Paola was lying on her bed. By that time, she had already thrown away the picture of Paul and sprayed lavender lotion all over the room to make his aroma disappear. She was mad as hell because of the images rolling inside her head. Her hair was a mess, for she pulled it, stupidly hoping to get rid of her visions. Without realizing it, she fell asleep.

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The Pink House: A Short Story

Ted was angry, the image he saw of himself in the mirror of Taco Bell as they walked by was the same image you see on a person who is about to strangle a motherfucking critic to death. Critics, you know them, they are the kind of cocksuckers who are afraid to write their own stories and waste their time judging those who have the balls to sit down and write; in other words, they are the exact definition of jealousy.

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The Headache: A Novelette

Thomas opened his eyes, and finally realized he'd almost forgotten that he was scheduled to work earlier because they were going to close for Christmas. He got up very quickly, took a brief shower and went to work without eating. That day, he'd wished he were God so he could make the pain disappear. What he didn't know was that he wasn't the only one wishing to have the almighty capability to get rid of the headache.

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Amalia: A Novelette

Ralph Lauren Romance covered the room that night. She wasn't sorry for what she did. She was relieved. Things had escalated, and the last straw had been drawn. It was time for her to wake up from her naiveté and show him what kind of a woman she really was.

Amalia was her name.

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Waterless; A Novel

Like Clarissa, Justin had the same problem with Olivia, his fiancée. He didn't like to see her wasting water every time she took a shower, shaved her legs or brushed her teeth. They had argued about it. They had almost broken up because of it. One time, he was about to hit her, too. But he didn't dare. He only pictured his right hand resting momentarily on her left cheek, detonating that deafening clapping sound that would leave the blood of his palm boiling and threatening to explode.

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