Sabrina : A Short Story

This is the story of Sabrina Smith, a rebel with no cause at all. One day she wishes to be gone, and that is exactly what happened. She ends up in a place that looks eerily similar to the place she calls ‘home,’ yet she is so far away, and there seems to be no coming back. 

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Kill, Inc.: A Novella

When Gabriel Lucatero is not writing, reading or working behind the counter at the night job, he likes to play video games. Surprisingly, inspiration comes to him even when he is procrastinating. Kill, Inc. came to mind in one of those moments when he was doing nothing. It follows the last three days (or was it four?) in the life of Sebastian Romero, a rich, Mexican asshole with daddy issues who met his end by doing one of the things he loved the most. Dive into the game and make sure you don’t get stabbed.

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Underneath: Identity (The Underneath Series Book 1)

Gabriel Lucatero is back, presenting his latest character, Galuri Leirbag, a man who one day appeared lying on a bench in Goleta and is on a mission, trying to find out who he is and where he comes from. While looking for answers, he stumbles upon a woman who also appears to be lost. When talking to her, he feels a connection and a sense of deja vu. Little did he know, every walking moment of his life will feel that way. Underneath combines elements of mystery, dark comedy, horror and fantasy. Dive into it right away!

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The Pink House; A Short Story

Welcome to The Pink House, a haunted house like no other. The house has many secrets that have to remain in the dark. Glimpses and glances of the house are shared like folktale so the town of Santa Barbara can have something to talk about and share with its people. However, the truth? That might never come out. Only you can find out what lies in the Pink House. Will you be able to keep its secrets?

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Johnny; A Short Story

This is a short story about a day in the life of a ten-year-old. His name is Johnny and he’s not your typical kid. Mother is concerned about him, of course. Dive into these pages and find out what happened to him. You won’t be disappointed.

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Unexpected; A Novelette

This story is unexpected in every sense of the word. I haven’t written anything like this before. I still don’t know why I did it. But it’s good. I like it. In a nutshell, Unexpected is all about one thing: Sex. Soon, I’ll be back with more stories like this one. And remember: life is always unexpected.

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Missing; A Novelette

In this story, Anna, the narrator, tells the story of how her life changed drastically after her boyfriend, a local writer, went missing. Albert, the boyfriend, was livid because people called him ‘the unsuccessful writer.’ Dive into this pages and find out how everyone goes missing here.

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The Headache; A Novelette

When Santa Barbara is attacked by a contagious headache, the population is looking for ways to kill the pain because the Excedrin and the Advil don’t seem to work. If you want to know what these poor people
are doing, you’d better find out before you get a headache just thinking about it…

This story takes place in the Dystopian Santa Barbara that only exists inside Gabriel Lucatero’s head. Loosely (really loosely) based on the headaches Gabriel has every morning as he wakes up, thanks to having pulled an all-nighter the previous night.

Read it, but keep your favorite painkiller nearby while you are doing it.

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