Negative Reaction; A Short Story

Some people take pictures because they want to make memories. They want to come back and be able to remember a time and special occasion for them. Others, however, take pictures because they want to destroy a memory, corrupt it, and
make someone feel so bad she/he thinks life isn’t worth living anymore. This is what happened in Negative Reaction, Gabriel Lucatero’s short story. Go ahead, open up the book, read a few pages, and take your side. What is your main reason when you take a photograph? 

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Possessed; A Very Short Story

Possessed is one of those stories you read while doing your business in the restroom. It’s so short, It’d be a rip-off if you have to pay more than two bucks for it. However, it is a good story about a possessive girl who thinks she owns her man but ends up realizing how wrong she is. In fact, Gabriel has the feeling it looks (and sounds) pretty much like an episode of your mom’s favorite soap opera, the one she watches on Univision.

Go ahead, don’t let doubt possess you and find out more about this story.

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The Choice; A Novelette

Austin Luca, another product of Gabriel Lucatero’s imagination, comes to the scene again. In fact, he’d been previously mentioned in Waterless as an already established writer, but it was in The Choice when he first appeared. In this story, he wrestles against his own thoughts and bad dreams and comes out winning. Austin Luca’s The Choice is the beginning of everything, his own Genesis. Here, he makes the right decision and keeps on following his dreams without having to let the love of his life go.

You can also make your own choice and find out more about Austin Luca’s life.

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The Ghost Lover; A Novelette

Gabriel Lucatero’s news story has a gothic, Californian touch. Alex, the main character, is a young man who may use drugs, but it’s never said in the story; yes, he is nuts. He claimed to have made love to the most unlikely entity, feeling every single and delightful moment of it. This entity is the woman he loved more than anything (he said) and would give his life to see her again.

Who knows, that may happen, but for the time being he has to focus on one thing; he has to know what happened to her. He has to know how she died. This story is similar to a detective story without an actual detective in it. Just a regular citizen, looking for answers on his own.

And he is going to find them.

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Waterless; A Novel

“On Monday, September 27th, 2010, people had to sleep naked because it was stifling hot. It was the

‘hottest day of the year’, according to the local newspaper.”

More than a novel, Waterless is a possible, yet unwanted reality. People don’t want to face this ghastly idea because it is terrifying. Now, imagine that you combine that with a group of citizens who, despite living together, have different opinions on the subject? When one spouse seems to worship the water, the other doesn’t give a flying fuck about it.

Anyways, we are always going to have Coca-Cola, right?

Yeah, but, what if all the liquids evaporate at once?

Waterless is the product of a nightmare Gabriel had five years ago, a night when he actually had to sleep naked because it was so fucking hot.

Don’t sweat it. Just read it.

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Amalia; A Novelette

“Ralph Lauren Romance covered the room that night. She wasn’t sorry for what she did. She was relieved. Things had escalated, and the last straw had been drawn. It was time for her to wake up from her naiveté and show him what kind of a woman she really was…”

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