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Underneath; Identity (Book 1)

You’re getting close, he hears a whisper, something that could only have come out of his head because nobody is standing next to him. People are walking around; an excessively bulky man walks with a duffle bag towards the nearest gym, and a couple of teenagers walk and take selfies like it is the end of the world. One of them looks at Galuri and can’t hide her mocking smile while looking at him. That doesn’t bother him. But the whisper does. I am getting close to what? He asks.

Ghosts and Crazy People; Stories

Ghosts And Crazy People is Gabriel Lucatero's first collection of short stories, many of which have been published individually. However, for a reasonable price, you can now read them all in one single book. Dive into these pages and prepare to be frightened.

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Gabriel Lucateroero

Reader, blogger, public speaker, and fiction writer.