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The Times Some Random Person Beat Up Don Quijote

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I'd be lying if I tell you when was the first time I read Don Quijote. I always tell people it was the second book I ever read—the first one being…

Hidden Secrets; Novellas

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Welcome to Hidden Secrets, a collection of four novellas that have some sort of connection, many of which are also linked to stories in Ghost and Crazy People, my other…

Ghosts And Crazy People: Stories

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Ghosts And Crazy People is Gabriel Lucatero's first collection of short stories. Inspired by his constant fascination with horror stories, he couldn't help himself and wrote these tales. Dive into…

My Personal Struggle with the Times

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Up until recently, I decided to embrace social media. I always had an excuse, a reason to stay away from it. I've deleted Facebook three times, Twitter and Instagram twice.…