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Unexpected; A Short Story

Well, this is Unexpected.

A short story (well, it’s a little longer than a traditional short story, but who’s counting?). I wrote it four years ago, published it, and then took it down. It’s not a horror story, like the kind I usually write, but it falls into the transgressive fiction genre, just like the Galuri Outis Memoir. Enjoy! 

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My First Transgressions

The first memoir of many to come. Of course, if I don’t die first.

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My first novel ever. I must’ve been mad at the world and decided to blow it all to hell by writing an apocalyptic story. I promise never to do it again.

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Ghosts And Crazy People: Stories

My First collection of horror short stories. Many of them written while working at a particular fast food joint. You’ll know the one.

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