January 1


An Introduction

Born: Gabriel Lucatero
April 29, 1985

Michoacan, Mexico

Residence: Santa Barbara, California

Occupation: Author

Period: 1997-present

Genres: Transgressive and Horror Fiction

Influence: Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Franz Kafka, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Richard Matheson, Charles Bukowski, T.C. Boyle, Chuck Palahniuk, Sue Grafton, Jonathan Kellerman, Michael Connelly and Lee Child.

Gabriel Lucatero is a Mexican fiction writer who describes most of his work as Transgressive and Horror Fiction. He is the author of The Galuri Outis Memoirs, the serialized story of an illegal immigrant who pursues a career as a writer. In his second language.

Gabriel himself came to Santa Barbara, California back in 2004 in search of his version of the American Dream. At the age of 19 (as you can see in the picture above), two things were clear in his head:

1-He always wanted to be a writer.

2-He was aiming for making Santa Barbara his permanent home.

The logical next step was to study the language. He had conversations with family members and locals about his future, but the idea of mastering/writing in the English language was daunting for him. At El Zarape, a local Mexican restaurant on the west side of the city, he met Raul Gil, a restaurant owner and distinguished member of the community. He gave Gabriel Lucatero a piece of advice he never forgot. “Stay focused,” he said, “go after your goals and never listen to the negative voices inside of your head.” Thanks for having listened to him, Gabriel went to the  Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), studied English, and years later was able to self-publish his first novel on Amazon.

Today, Gabriel works as an editor for The Neighborhood Papers, a nonprofit, local newspaper dedicated to uniting the Latino neighborhoods and giving them a voice through which they can express themselves.

He also uses his blog/journal to talk about books, writing, and himself.