Giving Polio the Middle Finger

Reading Time: 2 minutes It is such a great honor to be part of the Rotary Club. Not everything is lost in this life of mine, filled with self-deprecation and an idiotic sense of humor. Some of the activities I stick my nose into are actually making a difference in the world. And this sort of thing only happens … Read moreGiving Polio the Middle Finger

Happy 60th Anniversary, Woodland

Reading Time: < 1 minute My club is getting old. As I’m sure I’ve said about a thousand times before, I’ve been a member of Woodland Toastmasters since 2015. I’ve partaken with these amazing human beings, learned from them, and even cried on more than one occasion. I honestly say that I cannot imagine a future without them, all of … Read moreHappy 60th Anniversary, Woodland

Pressure Drop; Getting Women on Board

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oh pressure, oh yeah Pressure is gonna drop on you… Or so the lyrics go. Disappointed is not the adjective I’d use when I think of Pressure Drop, the fifth novel by Peter Abrahams I’ve read thus far. Puzzled? That’s probably better. The story was well-written because, well, the man knows how to write, but … Read morePressure Drop; Getting Women on Board

Lights Out By Peter Abrahams

Reading Time: < 1 minute Stephen King’s On Writing prompted me to take a look at Peter Abrahams. My devotion to Stephen King is similar to that of a Christian to Jesus; I know that sounds creepy but I don’t care. I like his books and I am going down on the list until I either die or go blind; well, … Read moreLights Out By Peter Abrahams