Giving Polio the Middle Finger

Reading Time: 2 minutes It is such a great honor to be part of the Rotary Club. Not everything is lost in this life of mine, filled with self-deprecation and an idiotic sense of humor. Some of the activities I stick my nose into are actually making a difference in the world. And this sort of thing only happens … Read moreGiving Polio the Middle Finger

Happy 60th Anniversary, Woodland

Reading Time: < 1 minute My club is getting old. As I’m sure I’ve said about a thousand times before, I’ve been a member of Woodland Toastmasters since 2015. I’ve partaken with these amazing human beings, learned from them, and even cried on more than one occasion. I honestly say that I cannot imagine a future without them, all of … Read moreHappy 60th Anniversary, Woodland

Pressure Drop; Getting Women on Board

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oh pressure, oh yeah Pressure is gonna drop on you… Or so the lyrics go. Disappointed is not the adjective I’d use when I think of Pressure Drop, the fifth novel by Peter Abrahams I’ve read thus far. Puzzled? That’s probably better. The story was well-written because, well, the man knows how to write, but … Read morePressure Drop; Getting Women on Board

Nobody Really Cared For Paws

Reading Time: 4 minutes Maybe it is my quick response towards a dark sense of humor that prompted me to smell dogshit when I first entered the CARE4Paws event on the westside campus at Santa Barbara City College. Yes, there were also smiles on the faces of happy people as they stroll around with their dogs. Volunteers were putting … Read moreNobody Really Cared For Paws