Unexpected; A Short Story

Gabriel Lucatero

Reading Time: 51 minutes Synopsis: A disgruntled man ends up paying a prostitute for sex after his girlfriend broke up with him. However, he ended up learning some stuff he didn’t want to know. The title of this story occurred due to a couple of things. 1) I wanted to focus on horror at the time and Unexpected has … Read moreUnexpected; A Short Story

Ramblings of a Crazy Mind; A Short Story

Reading Time: 40 minutes Synopsis: This is the story of an unsuccessful and unsettled self-published writer with lots of mental issues. Previously published in Ghosts and Crazy People, this story took me five days to finish. I lived in Carpinteria, California at the time and spent my days at a shop that specialized in organic food with unpronounceable names … Read moreRamblings of a Crazy Mind; A Short Story

Books My Toastmaster’s Friends Wrote

Reading Time: 2 minutes On a mildly sunny afternoon, somewhere in California. Nine days into the new year and everything seems right. I know, the use of the verb ‘to seem’ is nothing but the shadow of my propensity to negativity, despite the very happy and auspicious moment I am living now. For those of you who know me … Read moreBooks My Toastmaster’s Friends Wrote