My Personal Struggle with the Times

Reading Time: 2 minutes Up until recently, I decided to embrace social media. I always had an excuse, a reason to stay away from it. I’ve deleted Facebook three times, Twitter and Instagram twice. I was on Tumblr for some reason I will never understand, and I gave Pinterest a try one night that I was bored. The social … Read moreMy Personal Struggle with the Times

When Nature Calls

Reading Time: 2 minutes Typically, the phrase ‘when nature calls’ indicates someone has an immense need to use the toilet to perform any of the usual restroom rituals we all humans do. However, in this case, the meaning I would like to convey is more realistic and less euphemistic; I’m talking about hiking in the mountains. See, given that … Read moreWhen Nature Calls

On Tragedy

Reading Time: 3 minutes The last twenty years of my life have been so overwhelming. I’ve seen a lot and from a very young age. Looking back at the time that has gone by, I can see that I am walking the same route I had planned for my future. Granted, I didn’t see myself still having a regular … Read moreOn Tragedy

The Other Side; A Short Story

Reading Time: 50 minutes Synopsis: This is the story of a parallel universe. Henry, a meek young-adult who is following the crowd and never doing anything on his own, decides to make some changes in his life. The problem? He is doing it for the wrong reasons. When I started writing this story, I was thinking of it as … Read moreThe Other Side; A Short Story

Possessed; A Short Story

Reading Time: 16 minutes Synopsis: The story of a group of self-centered people who learn the hard way that things are not always what they seem to be. I have mixed feelings about Possessed. Previously published on Ghosts And Crazy People, I wondered if I made the right decision when I compiled it among that collection. the ‘Crazy People’ … Read morePossessed; A Short Story

The riots, The Masks, and Everything in Between

Reading Time: 2 minutes The year 2020 resembles an endless shower of shit. It is the year when you can’t say anything because someone would smash your car window. Also, they would record you on their new phone as you say something stupid. Why? It still baffles me. There’s not a day that I don’t open my Facebook and … Read moreThe riots, The Masks, and Everything in Between