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Muses & Cheese-

burgers; Season 2

About the time when I worked at McD’s.

January 29, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E1 The Second Maria

2008 was a long fucking year. Learning English became a habit. No, scratch that. It was an obsession. Despite having a distinct and perpetual accent, my constant interest in English…
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January 30, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E2 Doubts

Destiny is a bitch. As a man in your twenties, you tend to fantasize. Thankfully, for some, pornography is always available at the click of a button. Not for me,…
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February 1, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E3 The Kafka Connection

"Where is my bicycle?" It was the opening line, the hook, the first sentence that opened my essay like a flower in spring, letting you in, hoping you could get…
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February 2, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E4 Schadenfreude

The Metamorphosis is a fascinating book, partly scary, based on the metaphor used to describe its main character’s boring life as a traveling salesman, the hatred of the job, and…
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February 26, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E5 Living in the Moment

The job at McD’s was getting more bearable, and Omar’s memory was fading, as the new store manager, a white man from South America named Javier Diaz, began his tenure…
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February 27, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E6 Improbable

I woke up the next day with a smile on my face, lying alone in the middle of the bed, considering that the events that had transpired might have been…
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February 28, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E7 A Different Kind of Dream

I thought it would be good to put Maya's memory in the vault, a made-up box I have in my mind, where I keep thoughts and memories I don't want…
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March 28, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E8 Study Time Part 1

I spent March 2008 writing down and studying everything on the booklet, hammering all the theory in my head, and then, like in any other field, I mixed it up…
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March 29, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E9 Study Time Part 2

I walked out of Staples, already wearing my blue McD’s shirt, my hair neatly packed under my black hat. The clear, blue sky and warm afternoon smelled like a triumph.…
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April 13, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E10 The Other Side Of Things

My life has always been an exercise in anticipation. I am continually waiting for something decisive to happen, something that would either make my life more comfortable or a bit…
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May 1, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E11 A Tale of Two Tests

My birthday was looming on the horizon. It was only two weeks away. That could have been the most important thing in my life, since you only turn twenty-three once,…
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May 12, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E12 New Mistakes, Old Mistakes

The spring semester was over in May, and I didn't have to worry about school again until the end of August. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but…
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May 14, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E13 Dating On The Job Part 1

"Maria Soria may be coming back to work," Marlen had said. I opened my eyes to that sentence floating in my head. It was a fact now. Maria Soria was…
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May 30, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E14 Dating On The Job Part 2

Waiting for Friday to come was torturous. You look at your watch so many times, like a lunatic, lose your mind, and convince yourself that time is intentionally dragging by…
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June 30, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E15 I Told You So

The words 'do you want to be my girlfriend' were not spoken right away. We decided that we liked each other, and that was that. I felt strange, really, like…
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September 1, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E16 A Foreseen Farewell

July It turned out that Maria Sanchez’s return did cause some conflict. ‘conflict’ isn’t probably the right word, but it changed how Maria Soria thought about our relationship. All of…
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December 23, 2008 in Memoirs S2

S2:E17 The End of Camino Real

I saw her one last time in the year 2008. I had strategically avoided her for two weeks since we had our argument, and, seeing that I was not going…
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