August 18


Alright, here is the thing: after careful examination on the necessity to have a mailing list, I ended up embracing the conclusion that I probably shouldn’t try to convince someone to sign up and receive my blogs directly to their emails. On my WordPress blog, you can do that solely because the system has it and I don’t have to deal with the setup and all.

But here? On my website? I don’t think I want that. I did have it but ended up realizing that it was a giant pain in the ass for a plethora of reasons. You had to learn how to use a mailing list (MailChimp, for example), connected to some Whatever Form that with then must be connected to your website, and smile and wait for the innumerable amount of people that would throw themselves at your list because it is just mandatory!

Well, that is the way I thought of it but never worked. I feel like the hours I spent learning how to do a mailing list could’ve been used doing community service, cleaning an old man’s privates in a hospice, or merely writing another book.

The point is this: mailing lists are pointless. There. I said it. The new world has shown us both great and useful inventions and pathetic and useless discoveries. Like a mailing list.

Therefore, I propose that we use our Facebook for sharing our content. If you like what you read here, you don’t have to wake up to an email of mine every time I want to write something. Instead, you can follow my Facebook page and contact me.

That’s it. Simple. Now I can focus on writing.

And helping out at the hospice.