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What do you do every day, when it seems as though every day is nothing but a thread that leads nowhere?

I’m entering my fourth week in self-inflicting and necessary isolation. In the beginning, it all felt like I was trapped in a Stephen King story. It was like The Mist, but without Mrs. Carmody, the Christian crazy lady yelling on the aisles, telling you that now it’s the time to repent. The woman now carries a phone and is posting everything on Facebook.

Who said dreams never came true? I always dreamed of being in the scene of a post-apocalyptic movie, with empty streets so I could drive like a maniac, while there is a homeless man at the freeway entrance with a sign that says, ”this is the end.”

Well, that’ll teach me not to dream idiocies again.

Now, four weeks in, it doesn’t seem fun anymore. Seeing it happening, feeling it, brings up a whole other range of emotions. You start to miss your loved ones, the people you barely saw when the world was still sane. Hell, you even start to miss your co-workers, how funny is that?

No, it isn’t funny. It’s human.

In other words, this kind of shit makes you more human.

Today is a good day to think about humanity. As I was writing this post, my girlfriend sent me a message, suggesting I call two people and talk to them about anything. That woman is an angel. I wonder what she sees in me.

I’d like you to do the same. Call your friends, talk to them. Call your family members, even that annoying cousin you don’t like because he follows a different soccer team. Call your co-workers, laugh about this Coronavirus and how many other names you can use for it, e.g., Modelo Pandemic, Tecate Outbreak, you get the idea.

Today is not the time to lose your mind. Use this excessive extra amount of time to reach out. Pick up the phone, call somebody and say, “Hey, I’m here. Let’s talk. and when the apocalypse is over, we’re gonna go out and have a coffee. Deal?”

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