One Goal at a Time

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Life is a combination of many goals -or dreams- that we have to accomplish, gradually, one at a time, always reaching for the final and most important goal. And once we reach them, we have to look for ways to stay there. I, personally, haven’t reached the final goal. I want to be a full-time writer with an agent, movie deals, book signings, and the freedom to eat my eggs and bacon in the morning without having to look at the clock, thinking, “Oh shit! I’m gonna be late for work!”

Yeah, that’s my goal. I don’t care about having an ostentatious house up in the mountains here in Southern California, where the fire is gonna come and swipe up the place like a piece of gum. I want something smaller, located in a safer place. And I know I am getting close to that place since I  just recently talked to a group of students at the local City College about learning a second language and sticking to it like a piece of gum not even a California fire is going to swipe up.

When I say ‘one goal at a time,’ I’m referring to a dream I had years ago, where I stood in front of a classroom, talked about my life, and inspired others to follow their goals. Thanks to Margarita Del Campo, a local Spanish teacher at SBCC, and now a very good friend of mine, I was able to reach that goal. And it felt just like it felt in my dreams.

It was amazing. 

And this is the thing about dreams and aspirations, you see. It is something we have to work on continuously, without wavering, until we reach that particular place in life we have always dreamed of. It is not that hard. You only have to believe in yourself. 

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