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I wrote Negative Reaction years ago. The same goes for many of the stories I plan to share shortly. However, this story captures the essence of who I was, albeit for a brief period. I’m not saying that twenty-something-year-old me was just like Marshall, the main character of this story, but we both were equally clueless about many things. As you can see, my distraction is writing, while Marshall’s is photography. Capturing shadows is his art; revealing them is his obsession. I think this reflects Marshall’s character deeply, showcasing his passion for photography and the darker aspects of life. It could be discussed regarding the artistic process, the fine line between creativity and obsession, and how Marshall’s pursuit of shadows leads to unforeseen consequences.

Speaking of being clueless, I wasn’t paying attention to something in my life the way I should have, so I guess I’m still clueless about some stuff. What I’m referring to is my health. I started the new year paying more visits to the local clinic than I ever dreamed I would, finding out that some maladies were going on that I needed to stop ignoring. Why did I come to this conclusion? There are two reasons: One, I’m getting old, and it’s time I paid more attention to what is happening inside me. And two, because Raquel, my beloved girlfriend, once pointed out in her idiosyncratic way that I should be more thoughtful about my well-being.

To quote Francis Underwood from House Of Cards, “I love that woman more than sharks love blood.”

I’m not saying that my health has anything to do with the story, per se, but it reminded me of the important things. It is great to have a creative side, but it is wrong to focus so much on it and ignore oneself in the process. Thank God I have someone to remind me of what I forget, right?

Enough about me. I’ll leave you with my favorite quotes from Negative Reaction, my latest short story. I’d be interested in knowing which one is your favorite and why.

Until next time,



Quote 1:

“Freddy was only focused on giving him money to buy food and feed Marshall’s body, but he never thought about offering him love to feed his soul as well.”

Quote 2:

“She turned back again and stopped at the exit. Marshall took the picture with the sunlight touching her face.”

Quote 3:

“He strolled to his classroom with a gait that suggested boredom. It was unbearable to sit among the same students and an old teacher who made him use his chair as a bed.”

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