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Hey there, readers!

I hope this post finds you in high spirits and ready for some storytelling. This weekend was nothing short of extraordinary as I delved into a whirlwind of experiences with the amazing people in my life. The weekend kicked off with a lively evening at a local bar, where close friends Jairo and Roberto joined Raquel and me to revel in the beats of Spanish rock. Before that, I had the pleasure of spending quality time with Raquel, Michael, and Lulu, her closest companions, building stronger connections as we shared laughter and stories.

As we are about to celebrate the two-month mark of Raquel and me stepping into this journey together (as mentioned in Open Letter #6), it’s been a rollercoaster of joy, discovery, and shared adventures. Soon, she’ll be meeting my family, opening another chapter in this beautiful story we’re crafting.

Our escapades extended to visiting Raquel’s sister Sofi and her partner, Ernesto, leading to an unforgettable night at an Italian restaurant in Orcutt, California. Sunday was no less enchanting, as we enjoyed a delightful breakfast at a local diner and caught a movie with Sofi and Ernesto. The day wrapped up with a quick visit to Raquel’s parents, her sister Mariana and her brother-in-law Pastor, sealing the weekend with familial warmth.

Beyond the personal front, I continue to navigate the world of writing and podcasting, finding that delicate equilibrium between pursuing my creative endeavors and nurturing the relationships that matter most. With the festive season upon us, I anticipate posting less frequently this month to fully embrace the joy of the holidays. But fear not, come the new year, I’ll be back with a renewed vigor, ready to share more stories, ideas, and adventures.

As we approach Christmas and the dawn of a new year, I extend my warmest wishes to all of you. May your holidays be filled with love, laughter, and the creation of cherished memories.

Until next time,


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