May 29


When I was three years old, my mother thought I was going to grow up to be a good Catholic boy. Thank God she was wrong.
That shirt says ‘Always Kids.’ It is a true statement. I haven’t grown up yet.
When I was 19, the only things that mattered in my life were hats and glasses.
21. Old enough to buy alcohol, but never able to drink more than one beer.
When I was 26, that smile came out more quickly. Wonder how? Life wasn’t exciting anyway.
There was a time when I thought I look cool posing in front of a camera outside a public restroom. Not anymore.
Writing alfresco. Who said patios were just for eating?
31. Who the hell is Gabriel Lucatero, anyway?
Finally decided to embrace the fact that I will never grow hair again. Well, it could be worse.
At 23 I started working at McD’s. I’m still wondering why I didn’t get fat eating Big Macs every day.