Underneath: Identity

The name in the driver license is Galuri Leirbag.

He frowns, while the smoke of his Marlboro oozes through his nose. “What kind of a name is that?” The man in the picture appears to be himself, at 32 years of age in the year 2017, wearing a shorter haircut, same stubble as of that moment, and a smirk on his face that suggests he owns the world. “Too cocky,” he says, not fully realizing he’s talking about himself. The ID also says he is six feet tall and weighs one hundred and seventy-five pounds. He looks at his slender and firm body as if it were the first time he ever saw it.

How comes he doesn’t remember who he is?


Underneath is the story that has been in the back burner in Gabriel Lucatero’s mind for a long time. It tells the journey of a man who doesn’t belong to this world. Shaped to fit multiple genres, Underneath is the kind of tale that will keep you on your toes, as you try to solve the mysteries it presents. Welcome to Underneath.


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