For Matthew, every payday was a mystery. There he was, looking at the envelope his store manager gave him. He was wearing a blue, polo shirt, black pants and a black hat with the word ‘McDonald’s’ printed on it. The envelope was always the same; plain white and with his name, Matthew Lara, written on it. He looked at it, as if it was an Agatha Christie novel, which aftermath he wouldn’t know if he didn’t open it. A mystery, that is what every paycheck was. Likewise, the things he’d been doing for almost a year were a mystery. Even to himself.


More than a novel, Waterless is a possible, yet unwanted reality. People don’t want to face this ghastly idea because it is terrifying. Now, imagine that you combine that with a group of citizens who, despite living together, have different opinions on the subject? When one spouse seems to worship the water, the other doesn’t give a flying dime about it.
Anyway, we are always going to have Coca-Cola, right?
Yeah, but, what if all the liquids evaporate at once?
Waterless is the product of a nightmare Gabriel Lucatero had years ago, a night when he actually had to sleep naked because it was so stifling hot.
Don’t sweat it. Just read it.


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