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I grew up in a little, unknown country down south called Mexico; I don’t know if you ever heard of it. Michoacan is the state. Apatzingan is the city, a place so hot throughout the whole year the devil had to walk out of there. I have only one sibling, who is the opposite of me in every sense of the word; while he is a god when it comes to using numbers, I have a hard time thinking what 9×9 equals to. What is it? Anybody knows? Maybe my inability to use numbers is what has kept me from saving money all these years.

I’ve had a plethora of jobs, most of them here in the USA since I was a bit lazy when I was younger. I worked at McD’s four years, two years at Staples, Subway for a week because I didn’t really like it, Denny’s, 7-11, and a couple of classified gigs I can’t really talk about 😉

But there is only one constant, one thing I’ve been doing since I was twelve years old: I have this propensity to hide in my room every night, stare at the computer, and come up with stories. Yes, I am a fiction writer. And I decided to do that because I was told at a young age that I was a great liar. I thought, well, why not create completely false stories and try to make money that way? Meanwhile, I can be honest when talking to real people and avoid getting in unnecessary trouble.

This fascination for words and language only increased when I immigrated to the United States, looking for a better life. Because I wasn’t planning on going back to Mexico, I decided that I should learn the English language. When I say ‘learn,’ I actually mean ‘devour’ the language, study the grammar, etymologies, idioms, sayings, and everything that makes English what it is.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to learn it. In the last fifteen years, living in this country, I’ve written many lies -I mean, fictions-. I haven’t gotten married, got no kids. Therefore, in a way, the knowledge I’ve gathered is like a marriage, and the stories could count as the offsprings. Don’t know if I’m ever gonna get married as ordinary people do. Don’t know if that applies to me.

I don’t travel a lot. The most exotic place I went to was Las Vegas, and I wasn’t as impressed as most people usually are. I don’t know, maybe I should go again, give it another try.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve had several regular jobs, while at the same time learning the English language and writing fiction. And at the beginning of this year, I got what I considered my dream job; I worked as an editor at a local community paper for the last eight months, partially doing what I like, writing, reading, editing, making up stories. However, the job ended up being a nightmare, and I flew out faster than I toupee in a hurricane.

So I went back to one of my regular jobs, the 7-11 in Carpinteria, working part-time while also writing my fiction and looking for editing jobs.

And now I am here, at Rotary, wondering why I joined. I was never planning to do it. It’s something that just happened. There is this phrase I like to use, even though it makes no sense sometimes: Everything happens for a reason. I guess I had to go through this journey, coming from that ‘unknown country’ I just mentioned, study to become the person I am now, going through hell while doing something I thought was a dream job, and meeting a great human being with a heart of gold who introduce me to all of you: Thank you Kathleen. You know who you are.

This community has given me a lot. I’ve never thought of myself as an altruistic person, but hey! I learn how to write and talk in a complicated language, which means I can also, without much effort, learn how to be a better human being and help this community.

And what a better place than the Rotary Club to do that?

Gabriel Lucatero

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  • Margarita Martin del Campo says:

    I like your simplicity and the truth, not the lies at all in your words. I don’t see remorse, but I see a little bit of pain. Someone hurt you and you have been trying to get rid off the pain!

    • Gabriel Lucatero says:

      You’re right. There was pain. There was hurt. But everything is better now. I feel better. There is no more anguish. There is no more uncertainty.
      Hope to see you soon 🙂

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