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I’m writing this post within my Grammarly app because I give a fuck about making sense, unlike this year, so far, which has turd raining upon us every month. First, the wannabe dictator kicks off by wanting to start world war 3 (many of you already forgot that, didn’t you?). After that, fires in Australia have poor animals running away. And this is barely January.

By February, locusts in Africa are flying wild. By March, April and May, we have to stay home due to something of pandemic proportions that had been cooking in China since December 2019. It comes June, and we have people protesting because some police officers are too trigger happy. To top it off, according to the photo below, the year is getting uglier than a toad with lipstick and a miniskirt.

So what’s left? We all have to slow down and try to survive the WTF season.

One easy way to do that is to try and find your path. I am talking about something that will define you. In my case, I have been writing a lot. I have also sent submissions to agents all over the country. I have gotten way more rejections. I was expecting that, of course.

This is a way for me to feel productive, even though the world I live in might come to pass by December. I want to do something that matters. I want to feel alive, even though the world around me is collapsing.

There’s no doubt the world is going to hell in a handbasket. The question becomes: has it always been this way, and somehow we had been sleepwalking through the world and didn’t notice until Facebook and Twitter came to exist?

When we slow down, we are also tuning in. We become more empathetic. Perhaps being in quarantine for so long allowed us to feel more connected. Granted, once some of us were able to get out, shit hit the fan when an innocent man lost his life, and the United States turned into a third world country.

But none of that is new. It has happened many times before. The problem was we were too self-absorbed to notice. The tragedies we have experienced are an opportunity for us to focus on the here and now. It can be hard, but it is also the best thing we can do to better our lives.

We have to move past the noise of social media. Yes, we know it is there, but getting sucked into that vacuum never leads to something good; well, maybe cat pictures. Other than that, we have to develop deep thinking. We have to connect with our surroundings. We cannot be a speck in the middle of the tornado. Instead, we have to be a distant spectator who can easily find the solution to any problem.

Anxiety, stress, anger, those emotions never help. We have to slow down, find our path. Surviving the WTF season might be the best thing we’ve ever done.

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