A Different Kind Of Show

Gabriel Lucatero

Reading Time: 3 minutes My head is exploding with ideas for more and more playlists on my YouTube Channel. I gotta slow down a little bit; I don’t want to end up like a crazy person, talking to imaginary people. I know. I already do that. But that’s the honest job of a writer; you see, we talk to … Read moreA Different Kind Of Show

The One Thing I haven’t said out loud

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are aspects of my life that I never talk about in my blog. No worries, it’s nothing wicked or gross; I always leave those for fiction. What I am talking about is a problem that is more common than I thought: homelessness. I have lived on and off my car since 2013 (that’s six … Read moreThe One Thing I haven’t said out loud

The Prince by Machiavelli; The Art of Being an Asshole

Reading Time: 2 minutes Any man who believes himself high and mighty will cringe after reading the first pages of The Prince. I am not a follower of political science but thought it could be a great idea to go ahead and give this book a try; why not? Maybe I could learn something useful. And what did I … Read moreThe Prince by Machiavelli; The Art of Being an Asshole

One Goal at a Time

Reading Time: 2 minutes Life is a combination of many goals -or dreams- that we have to accomplish, gradually, one at a time, always reaching for the final and most important goal. And once we reach them, we have to look for ways to stay there. I, personally, haven’t reached the final goal. I want to be a full-time … Read moreOne Goal at a Time

Giving Polio the Middle Finger

Reading Time: 2 minutes It is such a great honor to be part of the Rotary Club. Not everything is lost in this life of mine, filled with self-deprecation and an idiotic sense of humor. Some of the activities I stick my nose into are actually making a difference in the world. And this sort of thing only happens … Read moreGiving Polio the Middle Finger