I’m Not Breaking Up With You.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello Internet. It’s been a while. I’m deeply sorry I walked away from you about a month ago and didn’t give you an explanation. I understand you’re mad. As soon as I saw your messages, I ignored them, swaddled myself up in a blanket of sadness and depression, and continued drowning my sorrows away with … Read moreI’m Not Breaking Up With You.

It’s like going to church

Reading Time: 3 minutes Watch me on YouTube: https://youtu.be/bD_huFCZSHE Hello, Amigos y Amigas. Welcome to GLTV. The only program that’ll make you wonder whether or not I should be allowed to have access to a computer since all I do is talk with imaginary people. Speaking of which, I talked to Galuri, one of my imaginary friends, about the … Read moreIt’s like going to church

The Honest Truth About Writing

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Honest Truth The life of a writer is complicated. We are the kind of crazy people who found a way to walk on the edge of sanity. And every single day, we are close to falling into a pit of delusion; my imaginary friends know what I am talking about.  The honest truth about … Read moreThe Honest Truth About Writing

A Different Kind Of Show

Gabriel Lucatero

Reading Time: 3 minutes My head is exploding with ideas for more and more playlists on my YouTube Channel. I gotta slow down a little bit; I don’t want to end up like a crazy person, talking to imaginary people. I know. I already do that. But that’s the honest job of a writer; you see, we talk to … Read moreA Different Kind Of Show

Finishing The Year With a Great Story

Reading Time: < 1 minute The year is almost done, it’s taking its last breaths, and the promises for a better and more productive year start to form in my head.  The goal is the same, the approach may differ. I only have to continue being diligent and stay focus on what I want. I’d like to say that I … Read moreFinishing The Year With a Great Story

Days of Celebration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Saturday, December 14, 2019 I spent some time with my Rotary friends, asking for donations for the Salvation Army outside Nordstrom: first, it was Frank and Diana from 10 to 12; Frank’s wife took photos and then left. It was a great morning, Frank even gave me a story idea I scribbled down quickly. At … Read moreDays of Celebration