The Honest Truth About Writing

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Honest Truth The life of a writer is complicated. We are the kind of crazy people who found a way to walk on the edge of sanity. And every single day, we are close to falling into a pit of delusion; my imaginary friends know what I am talking about.  The honest truth about … Read moreThe Honest Truth About Writing

My Personal Struggle with the Times

Reading Time: 2 minutes Up until recently, I decided to embrace social media. I always had an excuse, a reason to stay away from it. I’ve deleted Facebook three times, Twitter and Instagram twice. I was on Tumblr for some reason I will never understand, and I gave Pinterest a try one night that I was bored. The social … Read moreMy Personal Struggle with the Times

The One Thing I haven’t said out loud

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are aspects of my life that I never talk about in my blog. No worries, it’s nothing wicked or gross; I always leave those for fiction. What I am talking about is a problem that is more common than I thought: homelessness. I have lived on and off my car since 2013 (that’s six … Read moreThe One Thing I haven’t said out loud