The Honest Truth About Writing

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The Honest Truth

The life of a writer is complicated. We are the kind of crazy people who found a way to walk on the edge of sanity. And every single day, we are close to falling into a pit of delusion; my imaginary friends know what I am talking about. 

The honest truth about writing is that at first, nobody cares. Nobody. Absolutely nobody. In the beginning, the only person who needs to care is you. Every day that you sit down to write, you have to pour your guts onto the page. Get used to the idea that your book will end up as a coaster and that you will continue reading your favorite author and will never give your book a second glance.


Unless you want to get a sip of that drink.

From now on, I’d like you to embrace that. The only way anyone can ever care about your thoughts and ideas is by showing how much you, and only you, really care about it. Be interesting, lead people. Don’t do what everyone else is doing and end up posing in front of a mirror, moving in a way that kind of looks like you want to use the toilet.

According to Galuri, he is the one who convinced me to start a podcast so he can read his book, but we know that’s not true. Anyway, right now, he claims he’s working on it. Should I believe him? Maybe.

John says he’s also working on recording the stories from this collection, but I have a feeling he’s lying.

Anyhow, all we can do is try. 

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