The New Gabriel Lucatero

For the last two months, Gabriel Lucatero has made changes on his website as well as his personal life. Since he acquired his domain name back in 2012, he has looked for the best website design that could best represent his brand. On top of that, Gabriel tried to look for that particular subject he would be able to write with ease.

Website themes have come and gone, never seeming to appease his constant and pointless need for perfection. There was even a time he was blogging about self-improvement, a genre he was not well-versed on, and that caused his two only loyal followers at the time to stop visiting his site. “Why are you preaching about self-improvement when you’re a novice horror writer?” Someone would ask.

The question was harsh, yet sincere and to the point.

Gabriel was losing his marbles.

He ended up realizing, after so many conversations with himself and similar questions like the one above, that he needed to focus and practice what he was truly passionate about; making up stories.

But you see, Gabriel’s life is a work in progress, a rough draft that has shaped itself into a better version as the years pass by. It has been hard, but the real enjoyment lies in the ability to fail over and over again and continue doing his best despite the constant obstacles that stand on his way. Having to work to support himself, while writing fiction in his spare time, has become a ritual, a necessity, something that gives him the motivation he needs to take on any challenge. Therefore, after careful examination, what he wanted to do all along was to motivate himself. The motivational articles he wrote years ago were aimed at himself, for himself; call it self-inflicted therapy.

Now he is ready. This website theme looks decent enough, showcasing his work, with links that will take the readers straight to the Amazon store so they can buy his books. If you want to know more about Gabriel Lucatero, feel free to check the About page. He is currently working on his next story and will share updates on his progress, as well as what he’s been up to while wondering on the streets of Santa Barbara, hunting for the next story idea.

Welcome to the new Gabriel Lucatero. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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