The riots, The Masks, and Everything in Between

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The year 2020 resembles an endless shower of shit. It is the year when you can’t say anything because someone would smash your car window. Also, they would record you on their new phone as you say something stupid. Why? It still baffles me. There’s not a day that I don’t open my Facebook and see a white (most of the time) angry person spewing so much hatred that I can almost feel the saliva’s sprinkles on my face. Thank God I am wearing a mask. 

We should be able to find a better way to respond to the problems we face as a society. The protests haven’t stopped, and activists keep finding a new reason to fight. I can’t blame them. This world has oppressed us so much we look like tortillas by now. 

While the riots continue, there is still the case of that virus we were talking so much about two months ago. It seems like people have forgotten about it. I haven’t, and while turd kept hitting the fan on the outside, I read five books back in April and did so much writing my IQ might have increased a bit.

But no, seriously, let’s get back to the mess. 

I’m concerned about the general public and their dangerously short attention span. Also, how easy anything sways the populace like dry leaves on the ground. I will never understand the human need for fighting with some much enthusiasm, and then quickly forget it when something else to bicker about comes along. 

A lot has happened, and it is barely half the year. People are going to overreact about anything and then forget about it in a week or two. Even this blog post will be offensive to one or two trigger happy people, and then they’re going to go,” What were we talking about?”

I can’t blame them for that either. The world has asked too much of us lately. Don’t travel, don’t go to Dennys, don’t even order take out because they’re close! Did you mention you wanted to spend more time with the kids? Well, great news! While the world out there is collapsing, you get to homeschool the little ones! Let me know how it goes a month for now. 

But if you think about it, if you open your eyes to the world outside, you’ll learn that some doctors and nurses couldn’t have a chance to spend time with their loved ones. When you learn this, you can be appreciative of what you’ve got. 

We have to keep our shields up. What we are experiencing right now is a test. We have (and I am definitely including myself) to show empathy for others. Yeah, sure, I hate wearing a mask, but the virus we are facing right now is so insidious, you have no idea when it is going to sneak up on you. Think of the person whose health is not as good as yours. It’s not that hard to try and be a decent person sometimes. 

We don’t know how long ‘the new normal’ is going to be, but we have to keep following the rules. It cracks me up when people complain about having to wash their hands often; it makes me question their overall hygiene. 

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