This Wasn’t a Good Night

It was a great  Night!

Last Thursday, May 24, 2018, my friend Jina Carvalho from The Glendon Association invited me to the book signing of Daring To Love, the newest book by Tamsen Firestone. The event took place at The Tamsen Gallery here in town. I felt very fortunate to be there, surrounding myself with writers and artists alike, enjoying a night with good conversations, great wine, and even greater cheese; yes, I was eating a lot of cheese that night.

It was an honor to meet two amazing, local writers. Tamsen and Robert Firestone. Here I am, approaching them and holding a pinot noir while trying to disguise my childlike enthusiasm. Thank you, Jina Carvalho, for inviting me.
I congratulated the writer of the night on Daring To Love, her newest book.











Preparing for selfie time.
Selfie time!










Jina and our Friend Dee from Chaucer’s. Dee knows how to sell books!
Thank you for writing such an inspirational book, Tamsen!

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This Wasn’t a Good Night

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