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I like to think of myself as a man with a plan. That’s different from saying everything comes out the way I imagined it every time. Some things change; that’s just the way life is. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is my writing aspirations. I have been ostensibly absent in 2022, posting the occasional photo on social media and sharing memories with loved ones, but no word on my stories orĀ memoirs. However, everything I’ve been doing has been intentionally planned.

At the end of 2021, I sat in front of my desk and mapped out my goals for 2022. Chief among them, I pledged to visit my family more often, an activity I neglected because of my chronic introversion. I also took down my fiction from Amazon Kindle to give it another glance, polish it, and make it sparkle. 2022 has been a busy year for me, behind the scenes and on life’s main stage. And 2023 will not be any different.

Three things will take precedence in my life from now on. First, I will continue sharpening my social skills by visiting my relatives more often; I like the person I am when I am with them. Second, I am excited to share my plan to add more chapters to my memoirs. I have a decade-old pile of notes to put together and make something out of them. The good news is you can still read them for free on my website. And third, I will continue sharing my fiction on Amazon Kindle. All my short stories, novels, and novellas will come to you soon.

And speaking of my stories, I would like to talk to you about Amalia, my first short story, which I wrote back in 2009. Amalia’s story is similar to the story of many people who have immigrated to another place, looking for a better future. However, because I cannot help to have a taste for the darker aspects of life, I gave Amalia a tragic upbringing. The question is: will she be able to thrive and better her circumstances?

See the cover for Amalia below:

Stay tuned for future updates.

I wish you all the best this new year and hope your dreams come true.

Until next time.

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