Well, This Is Unexpected

I feel accomplished. This mess that I call ‘my life’ is about to find its balance, and once that occurs, I will be able to set a writing schedule, a routine, because if I don’t stick to a regular routine for my writing, I will go mad. I switched jobs recently, and that is excellent news for my wallet. It looks like I become more creative when I have financial stability. Why didn’t I think of that before?

In retrospect, my previous fiction has always been about crazy and angry people who are just unhappy with everything and anything. I am not a psychologist, but it kind of seems as though it has all been a projection of me and the way I have lived, jumping from job to job, having fugacious relationships with ephemeral individuals, and caring so little about the future I so often claim to embrace.

How could I aim for a better future when I am living a crappy present?

And well, this is unexpected. Mainly because of the sentence above, I have many unpublished fictions that feature paraphernalia of angry, crazy and unhappy people. Not only that, but I also have other works in progress I don’t want to discard. 

I will publish them, eventually, and continue with the story I should be working on right now.

For the time being, I want to leave you with Unexpected, a short story (well, it’s a little longer than a traditional short story, but who’s counting?). I wrote it four years ago, published it, and then took it down. It’s not a horror story, like the kind I usually write, but it falls into the transgressive fiction genre, just like the Galuri Outis Memoir.

It’s unexpected in every sense of the word since it touches upon subjects I hadn’t considered writing about before. It is a love story with not so much love in it, it is a story dedicated to the underdogs, the ones that society shun away, but they continue stepping up and making it in a world that can be both gentle and rough, depending on which side of the street you stand on. It’s unexpected, just like my sudden realization that I needed a better job so I could be more productive and write more. 

Fiction and reality, when they go well hand in hand, everything seems to flow at ease. 

I am in a better place now, planning to become a bit more astute at the game of life. 

Find Unexpected on Amazon. I have a feeling you’re gonna like it.       

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