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Dear Readers,

Life’s unpredictable twists and turns often demand our attention and energy. In those moments, we have choices – we can complain, assign blame to external forces, or, perhaps humorously, consult our horoscopes and blame the stars for our own shortcomings. I am not doing any of that. Instead, I will focus on taking action.

In the myriad of activities on social media, writing this Open Letters has become my favorite outlet. It’s a space where thoughts flow more freely, editing is less daunting, and, most importantly, it’s a space where writing feels like an enjoyable journey rather than a chore. Suppose you’ve followed these letters for the last five months since I started this endeavor. In that case, you may have noticed I am not very active anymore on social media. There’s a reason behind this – in its usual fashion, life has inserted itself into my path. Yes, life has become a bit busier. The realities occupying my days are a new job/career I am trying to focus on growing, the search for a part-time gig that will give me some extra cash for the time being, and the ever-persistent pursuit of my main writing goal.

Now, without delving into the realms of a preacher or motivational speaker, I want to highlight a simple truth in today’s Open Letter – the importance of taking action and focusing on what truly matters. While writing fiction remains my primary goal, the current circumstances limit my promotional efforts. Yet, I encourage you to explore the stories I’ve published, and if you’re inclined, peruse the memoirs available for free on my website.

With all its intricacies, life has a way of diverting our plans. But in those moments, it’s crucial to identify and hold onto the things that make our existence a bit easier. When life gets in the way, seek solace in the pursuits that bring meaning into your life. And if there is someone in your life who you love to death, keep doing it. I have a person like that and, without a doubt, she makes my life a lot more meaningful.

Until next time,


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